June 10, 2009
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Consider Trying Out Piano Lessons – Why not? Nothing to lose.

I have had so many families inquire about trying out piano lessons. The investment for piano lessons can be large and many families are unsure about what exactly they are looking for in piano lessons. Some have a desire for their children to become elite piano players but most want to give their children the joy and gift of music for life.

When looking for piano lessons, it’s important to consider a few factors: 1) the philosophy and goal behind the lessons 2) the method utilized and 3) the quality and expectations of the teacher 4) the cost 5) location and 6) schedule and convenience.

By offering Piano Camp this summer, I think it allows parents to try out my studio to determine if it is a good fit for their family. It also allows them to give Simply Music a try – the breakthrough piano method that I teach and that I believe in. This playing-based method exposes the student to “hands-on” playing from the get go so that they are experiencing musicianship and success from the start. At the very least, it’s alot of fun!

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