September 21, 2009
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Is fall the best time to start piano lessons?

Well, I guess that depends. It would be an ideal time since most of the routine will be established at the beginning of the school year. So for children, even though it can be hectic, it is a season of newness. The fall brings an air of preparation for what is to come.

For adults, anytime is a great time to start piano lessons. Usually, it becomes an issue of commitment when it comes to adults. How far they take piano lessons is dependent on the mindset of their commitment. I have adults students who love to take lessons with me. They have made it a regular part of their week. It is not their goal to become a concert pianist but to enjoy playing for themselves and those around them. I do expect them to practice but not an hour a day (unless they want to). There is more to life than piano. Oh, my goodness. Did I really say that? :)

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