May 5, 2010
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Bernadette Ashby – Presenter at CHEA Conference

Creating a Musical World For Your Child is the topic that I spoke on at the CHEA conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to teach and train homeschool parents about the wonder and beauty of music and how it might benefit their children.

Mozart and Bach are two examples of how a family’s music exposure affects a child’s musicianship. Mozart from the day he was born heard his sister, Nannerl, playing the piano. She was 5 years older than Mozart. At the age of 3, he began exploring sounds on the clavier and by age 4 composed his first song. By the time he was 7, he composed his first symphony. He was also an accomplished violinist. That is because his father played the violin and Mozart observed him playing as he grew up. Mozart eventually picked up the instrument. His first written compositions were quite shoddy until his father began to supervise his writings. Overtime, he developed the skill of writing music and his father began to share his music all around Europe.

To be a Bach means to be a musician. Bach’s great, great grandfather, Viet, was a baker but loved to play the lute at the mill. He passed on his love for playing a pipe to his son, Johannes, Bach’s great grandfather. Johannes had 3 sons who all became professional musicians. Christoph, Bach’s father, was one of them. Bach remembers his family reunion – they would play music, all 70 of them, and laugh and sing. Bach’s own four sons became musicians as well.

Music exposure is key in creating a musical world for your child. The younger, the better.

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