August 8, 2011
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Who Needs Piano Technique Anyways?

For the Luv of Piano studio had Master Educator, Nancy Reese, join us in learning about her Breakthrough Piano Technique. She traveled all the way from Idaho to join 16 students who participated in this event. Through observatory learning, my students had so much fun learning how to make the “piano play you” instead of learning how to play the piano. In just a matter of minutes, student’s playing was transformed by learning how to “inhale/exhale” with our elbows. As a teacher, I was awed by not only Nancy’s easy going manner and her teaching abilities, but by her knowledge in helping students to relax and free up the musician within.

I had two hours of private lessons with her myself and I was amazed by what she could accomplish in that short amount of time. I had been struggling with a passage in a blues piece for a few years now. As she worked with me and showed me how to unlock the passage, I was able to play it with ease and quickness. Sometimes it’s not about practice but unlocking the right technique to execute the song. Who needs piano technique? I do and so do my students if its delivered by the right teacher and the right way. Thank you Nancy for sharing your passion with us.

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