September 21, 2011
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My Sub is a Composition Queen

Kristin Fairfield, The Composition Queen

Kristin Fairfield, The Composition Queen

It’s been over ten years since I took a long awaited vacation with my family for over two weeks. We traveled to Florida and visited Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth, and ended with a cruise to the Bahamas. It was very tiring but my family and I had a blast.

It’s always my desire to bring experiences and seasoned teachers to my studio for more training. Kristin Fairfield is a Simply Music teacher from Oakland and was more than happy to sub for me while I was gone. She did a fabulous job and so many parents and students had such a great report when I got back. Here’s a quote from an adult student:

I am so inspired after my lesson with Kristin, I am going to start composing music!!!! Thanks for going on vacation and getting a sub Bernie, things happen for a reason :-) Thank you God!

Because she is a singer/songwriter in the Bay Area, I wanted her to teach my students about composition and improvisation. She did just that. I am so thankful because my student’s are growing in their music writing journey. Thank you, Kristin!

Here’s a message from Kristin:

What a joyful experience it was for me to teach composition at For the Luv of Piano studio last weekend!!! It was an absolute pleasure to share some of my composition exercises. I understand that composition can be very challenging and I was so pleased that everyone was open and honest about exploring this area with me-someone they just met!!
Everyone was so warm and friendly I felt right at home. It was truly an honor to work with all of you-not just with composition but with everything we worked on. I’m excited for everyone to feel a little more at ease with expressing the “music within”. Mrs. Ashby will hopefully be sharing some video with me of your songs and once again-thank you everyone for making my substitute teaching experience at For the Luv of Piano so delightful!!

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