For the Luv of Piano Studio teaches a BREAKTHROUGH Australian Piano Method that has beginning students playing the piano immediately.

What if there was a way to absolutely love learning how to play the piano? Exciting, fun, and joyful – from day one? A revolutionary piano method is bringing celebration back into learning – transforming the lives of its students and teachers.

“Simply Music” has students of ALL ages – children, teens, adults, and seniors — playing great-sounding popular, blues, classical, and accompaniment pieces immediately — from their very first lessons! This unique playing-based approach produces immediate and unprecedented results, and is not only becoming the new standard in entry-level music education, but is redefining music learning.

In contrast to traditional learning, this breakthrough program is tactile, experiential, and multi-sensory, with students being physically, visually, and aurally fully absorbed.

Call now for a Free Introductory Session to find out more about Simply Music (408)923-8558 or go to

Teacher is the author of “A World Where Everyone Plays”. Available on

Dreams Do Come True

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